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This community is pretty much a better version of my xanga of the same name. Which started out as a place to share icons with my sister Kristen that I had found and made.

The name was inspired my an episode of "House M.D.", in which House called Chase his "lap dog". I found that funny and my Xanga came to be.

I figured I should have an icon LiveJournal besides my one for the ones I make where I can link people journals I love and get there names out hopefully to more people. I'm a strong believer it crediting. As you can tell I'm sure. I believe icons are a form of art. Saddly it's a form I'm not very good at. So enjoy it by finding other peoples and sharing them.

Also you can request to post your icons here. I'm not to picky and I'll except if I'd use them. Afterall I'm sharing icons I love.

Community is now up and running. More icons will be coming soon.

My new icon journal is sarahmaesicons.

If you've been invited to join my community it's because I love your icons and have you credited in my user info for happilysarahmae. So please join. It's just another way/place to get your name and work shown. ;D

I'm looking for affiliates as well.


Comment when taking - Let me know when you snag some. Plus I love feed back!

Credit - No need to credit me unless I made them. But please credit the links I give. It's highly appreciated.

No editing - Please. Blanks are not bases, unless other wise noted.

If you'd like me to consider your icons for posting let me know.

I'd love it if you joined!

If I got icons from you, thanks again. ;D

~Sarah Mae~

Current icon thanks to arcadianwalnut




My Banner for affilites and anyone else who wants to link me:

Picture url: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d2/houseslapdog2/houseslapdog_button.jpg
If you need the code just ask.